Chapter 973: Overwhelming Victory

Jiang Chen further called upon the magnetic golden mountain once the Lord of the Golden Seal had fully gained the upper hand. The Lord’s aura continued to strengthen as the mountain grew bigger.

“Destroy it!” Jiang Chen waved his arms, focusing all his strength into a single strike. The Lord did as commanded and viciously pounced towards the wavering demon image with everything it had. It grabbed the image with its great pincer-like hands and tore it apart as though it was nothing but rotten rags. It then raised his colossal arms up high like a triumphant champion. Its victorious roar could be heard throughout the capital. The audience was rendered speechless by its dominance.

Gao Zhan’s heart spasmed when the demon god image was destroyed. The Lord laughed as it transformed into a flash of light and rapidly descended down towards the arena. It wanted to crush Gao Zhan’s demonic body with its palms. The enormous golden...

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