Chapter 972: The Pinnacle Of The Battle

A great towering mountain bore down on the arena, suppressing Gao Zhan’s demonic aura. A grave expression appeared on Gao Zhan’s face, obviously also extremely shocked by the sight. However, a faint leer soon emerged. “Brat, you won’t be able to win just by summoning a golden mountain alone! You want to see who’s stronger? I’ll grant you that wish!”   

He brandished the Demon God’s Bloodthirster, flaring out its aura. An image of a demon god appeared from the bloody mist. It immediately grew to a few hundred feet tall and charged at the magnetic golden mountain. 

“Turn to dust!” Gao Zhan muttered. The demon god image tried to grab onto the mountain with its thirty meter long limbs. 

Jiang Chen smiled and made a downward hand gesture. “Crush it!”

The magnetic golden mountain expanded in size again and bore down on the image. The image stopped grappling the mountain and tried to bear the brunt of the force with its shoulder instead. It tossed the mountain away with its massive arms. Jiang Chen made another hand seal and held the mountain in place.

Gao Zhan didn’t show any sign of weakness. He immediately tossed the Demon God’s Bloodthirster towards the demon god image. The image grabbed hold of the weapon and struck the mountain with full intensity. Crack! The force within the strike was enough to split heaven and earth. It had an aura that seemed like it could split the mountain in half.

Jiang Chen could clearly see great amounts of magnetic force that emerged from the mountain to encircle the demon god image. It so happened that the force intercepted the descending strike. The sword was able to cleave the magnetic force apart, but the mountain itself was not the slightest bit harmed. He however, was dumbfounded that even the magnetic force was split into two. He quickly collected his thoughts before he pushed his consciousness to the limit and yelled, “How can I let it have all the fun in this battle? Come on out!”

He made a few more hand seals and summoned an enormous golem that emerged from the golden aura of the mountain. The Lord of the Golden Seal had finally awakened after many years. Jiang Chen was taken aback by the Lord’s enormously stalwart body. It was currently ten times more majestic than before and didn’t look any less impressive than the demon god image. Moreover, the Lord’s body was a truly material body formed from an amalgamation of essences. While the demon god image’s true body might be an ancient demon god much stronger than the Lord’s, it was currently just an image. As such, it was impossible for it to be stronger.

The two metallic giants begun to brawl in the air, shaking the very earth and sky. Jiang Chen and Gao Zhan had become supporting characters in the battle. Summoning the demon god had taken a great toll on Gao Zhan’s body. Jiang Chen was in no better condition either. Both of them were extremely focused. They couldn’t afford to be distracted for even a second. Jiang Chen already understood the extent of Gao Zhan’s abilities, but Gao Zhan couldn’t say the same about Jiang Chen. His opponent had just countered his ultimate move with a summon similar to his. How could he not be surprised that both their summons were neck to neck in strength? 

Zhen! Are you truly a chess piece nurtured by Emperor Peafowl? The future heir of Sacred Peafowl Mountain? He had begun fostering such thoughts even though he wasn’t the sort to care about these issues. It wasn’t as though he’d never fought geniuses from Sacred Peafowl Mountain. He’d never thought that anyone was truly more capable than him, except for young lord Fan. However, that young lord no longer existed. Because of that, Gao Zhan was certain that he would one day trump every single Peafowl genius. Perhaps one or two would be able to put up a fight, but he would crush all the others. This would be a good thing for Emperor Shura’s faction. However, Gao Zhan was no longer as optimistic as before. The Demonic Wrath was already his strongest move. 

There was still a few other moves in his arsenal, but none as powerful as this one. Victory wouldn’t be possible if he failed to end the fight with this move. The very most he could manage was end the fight with a draw after exhausting all of his energy. What do I do? A crack had appeared in his dao heart despite his calm demeanor. The thought that his ultimate move could fail to dominate his opponent had never crossed his mind.

I can’t believe how powerful that brat is. Even the Demonic Wrath is no use against him. If this goes on any further, both of us will be heavily injured by the time I’ve exhausted my inner energy. He wouldn’t be satisfied with that ending. He wanted to win. He wanted to take down his opponent. Victory wasn’t the only thing at stake here. The foundation of his dao heart and the glory of Emperor Shura’s faction was all on the line. He was driven to extremes after such thoughts.

Using his index and middle finger, he stabbed continuously at a few acupoints on his body. A human body contained many acupoints, each with its own specific purpose. After poking himself, a purplish-red miasma began to exude from his body. It looked extremely sinister. His entire body began to transform. Hands, neck, face… drastic changes occured all over them. It was an extremely dramatic transformation that made him beyond recognition. His muscles turned metallic and his face a rictus of violence. He was a vile demon that crawled out from the depths of hell. The surrounding air was filled with killing intent.

“Demonic transformation?” Jiang Chen recalled Emperor Peafowl’s advice on the path of demonic slaughter. Those who cultivated this path had the ability to conjure a demonic form. They would gain a temporary increase in strength for the duration of the transformation. Fortunately, Jiang Chen had made preparations in advance to deal with such an eventuality He didn’t run nor did he cower. His hands moved quickly from one seal to another, summoning two magnetic storms from the Magnetic Golden Mountain. Both of these storms shot towards Gao Zhan, flanking his opponent.

These magnetic storms weren’t originary attacks. They were capable of devouring the surrounding air and tearing everything into dust. Gao Zhan roared violently, causing his image to grow several magnitudes larger. Bam! Bam! He launched two fists towards the storms. The storms had an immensely powerful vortex. The fists failed to destroy them, but was able to deflect them towards the arena instead. Wham! The arena would’ve been devoured by the storms if it hadn’t been specially fortified for such an event.

“Die brat!” Gao Zhan no longer cared about the Demonic Wrath. He began to consume the energy within his very blood to continue the fight. His only goal right now was to defeat his enemy as quickly as possible.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. He understood that his enemy’s strength had doubled due to the demonic transformation and this was no time to fight him head on. He quickly recited a mantra, causing a dazzling light to emerge from his back. It meandered above its head before it materialized into a true dragon image.

“Go!” He commanded with a wave of his arms. The true dragon image contained a great amount of true dragon’s presence. It brandished its claws and charged towards Gao Zhan’s demonic body. Well, it looks like Jiang Chen had chosen to fight head on after all. 

The demonic body was incredibly strong, but the true dragon image was no slouch either. It was difficult to say who would win when a demon met a true dragon. The dragon image’s strength almost seemed to defy all logic. Gao Zhan’s body was filled with a great amount of savagery, yet it struggled to break free from the true dragon’s harassment. They were two fated enemies, colliding and pounding each other endlessly. The Lord of the Golden Seal was engaged in intense battle with the demon god image. It was still slowly growing in strength as he had just awoken from slumber. They were very equally matched as the image didn’t even contain a tenth of its body’s true capabilities.

However, the Lord had an endless source of energy thanks to the magnetic golden mountain. It only grew stronger as time went on. The image had no such abilities as it was merely a conjured artifact. Jiang Chen was aware of the situation. He further called upon the mountain to provide the Lord of the Golden Seal with endless amounts of power. The lord was an entity over a hundred thousand years old after all. His power had continued to rise as he regained more of his consciousness.  It didn’t take long before the demon god image started losing.

Bam! Bam! Bam! The image had taken the full brunt of the lord’s fists. It was about to be extinguished like a candle flame under a strong gust. The Lord continued to pummel the image like a punching bag, causing it to shrink as it lost strength. The image’s power was even being absorbed by the Lord via the pummeling. It was evident that the battle in the skies was about to come to an end.

“Smash it!” Jiang Chen commanded through his consciousness when he realized that the Lord had gained the upper hand.

The Lord grinned. “Don’t worry. It’s done for.”

It had been sealed in the magnetic golden mountain as its guardian for over a hundred thousand years. A great amount of negative emotion had built up inside of it from the countless years of monotony and boredom. A fight like this was its best chance to vent its frustrations. How would it not take advantage of this opportunity when it was handed to it?

The demon god image continued to shrink as the lord continued to pummel it with his fists. Gao Zhan was overwhelmed by anxiety when he saw what was happening. He was caught between a rock and a hard place. The demon god image was in great danger, while his demonic body had failed to gain an upper hand due to the constant harassment from the true dragon image. Domination crept in from all sides!

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