Chapter 972: The Pinnacle Of The Battle

A great towering mountain bore down on the arena, suppressing Gao Zhan’s demonic aura. A grave expression appeared on Gao Zhan’s face, obviously also extremely shocked by the sight. However, a faint leer soon emerged. “Brat, you won’t be able to win just by summoning a golden mountain alone! You want to see who’s stronger? I’ll grant you that wish!”   

He brandished the Demon God’s Bloodthirster, flaring out its aura. An image of a demon god appeared from the bloody mist. It immediately grew to a few hundred feet tall and charged at the magnetic golden mountain. 

“Turn to dust!” Gao Zhan muttered. The demon god image tried to grab onto the mountain with its thirty meter long limbs. 

Jiang Chen smiled and made a downward hand gesture. “Crush it!”

The magnetic golden mountain expanded in size again and bore down on the image. The image stopped grappling the mountain and tried to bear the brunt of the force with its shoulder instead. It tossed the mountain away with its massive arms. Jiang Chen...

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