Chapter 971: The Long Anticipated Lord of the Golden Seal

His Psychic’s Head fully active, Jiang Chen monitored the battlefield’s every detail. Gao Zhan’s terrifying saber emitted not only that noisome bloody air, but a hidden slaughtering aura as well. It was an aura that knew only sharpness and edge.

“Is that… the essence of metal?” Jiang Chen’s heart shook. “It can’t be. No, I suppose it makes sense after all. Gao Zhan’s strongest talent is his inborn mastery over the essence of metal. That gory air nonsense is just a façade. With metal energy like that... no wonder he can take up the path of demonic slaughter.”

The essence of metal lay in its utter invincibility and irresistibility. Nothing could withstand it. Amongst the five elements, metal represented a keen sharpness, a force that could sever all. Similarly, the path of demonic slaughter was a path of killing. Such keenness was what it exactly needed.

Jiang Chen suddenly understood. Gao Zhan hadn’t picked the path of demonic slaughter. It was the other way around. That path in particular was assuredly the most appropriate for a genius like him. Jiang Chen was suddenly fired up for the fight.

Essence of metal?...

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