Chapter 969: The Most Essential Battle

The Ranking of Young Lords had become incredibly suspenseful after Jiang Chen’s victory. The appearance of an outlier like Jiang Chen had caused a great disruption in the clear-cut rankings of the top ten. He was like a butcher’s knife suspended in midair. The question was… who was he going to strike at next? Would the pill king choose to continue challenging ranks above his own? Would there be a change within the top ten? The various possibilities threw an interesting twist into things. Everyone was certain that the pill king wouldn’t give up his final challenge after so many battles.

According to the rules, he was allowed to challenge six ranks ahead in his second challenge. In his third challenge, he was allowed double of that. He could now challenge twelve ranks ahead. Since he was ranked 11th, he was now qualified to challenge the champion of the Ranking of Young Lords. However, was he really going to do that?

Jiang Chen was in deep consideration as well. Since he had replaced Zhuang Min as the 11th ranked young lord, he clearly understood what sort of challenges awaited him...

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