Chapter 968: The Darkest Amongst All Dark Horses

“A match of speed, eh?” Jiang Chen activated his Golden Cicada Wings and shot into the air. He hid the Featherflight Mirror within his sleeves and aimed it at the disturbances within the void. The Mirror was truly formidable. Zhuang Min’s speed was greatly reduced even though he possessed the Windrider Wings.

“How can this be?” His body suddenly sank due to the great reduction in speed. It was as though a great invisible force was pulling at him. He looked towards Jiang Chen with a solemn expression. He wanted to see how his opponent had managed such a feat. The Windrider Wings’ biggest advantage was their overwhelming speed. With them, he could tear apart the void and summon voidstorms. This was his ultimate move and also his greatest trump card.  Unfortunately, due to the suppression of his speed, he was unable to fully bring out the Windrider Wings’ true might.

Absolute speed was required to tear open the void. Without enough speed, he couldn’t even manage to fulfill this basic requirement, let alone summon any voidstorms. It was evident that Jiang Chen was well aware...

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