Chapter 967: Windrider Wings

The power of Jiang Chen’s Evil Golden Eye had risen with his level of cultivation. The gaze he’d exchanged just now had almost unsettled his opponent’s mind entirely. However, he hadn’t counted on winning in a single look. He only wanted a moment’s hesitation. In that small window of opportunity that Zhuang Min offered, his eight statues leapt into the fray, thoroughly encircling his opponent.

Eight Trigram Assimilation Formation, Offensive Mode! With wind and lightning in their steps, the eight statues began their frenzied onslaught towards their master’s enemy once again. Fortunately for Zhuang Min, his defensive capabilities were above-average. Though he was being pressed in upon, there was no struggle. The statues’ dogged assault didn’t affect him very much. He opened both hands, slamming his palms down four times each. Four beads of water turned into four sprays of foam, draping towards the eight statues like a shower of glass.

Jiang Chen smirked at the effort. Zhuang Min was trying to use his Waterveil Prison to lock down the eight statues. However, water-attribute...

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