Chapter 965: Second Encounter, Waterveil Prison

The top twelve in the Ranking of Young Lords were all emperor realm geniuses. Zhuang Min was a feminine name, but the person was not the least bit feminine. He was a very meticulous and far-looking strategist. His wits were only complemented by his power, making him heads above his younger brother in strength. His younger brother viewed this battle as a chance for revenge, but Zhuang Min was able to keep his calm. He wasn’t arrogant, nor did he think that he’d definitely win due to his emperor realm cultivation.

No. He was being extremely cautious instead. He’d been paying close attention to the pill king ever since his brother had been eliminated. The closer he tried to look, the more mysterious the pill king became. He couldn’t afford to underestimate the enemy even though he was already an emperor realm cultivator.

“Next match, Pill King Zhen versus Zhuang Min! Please take your places in the arena!”

Zhuang Min leaped from his seat and landed on the arena after the judge’s announcement....

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