Chapter 964: A Small World for Enemies

A crack in his dao heart would naturally mean a crack in the Yin Yang Barrier as well. Jiang Chen’s attack almost seemed like it had a mind of its own. It went on a frenzy and concentrated at the barrier’s weak point. Yang Shen was now trembling with fear. He could sense that the barrier was on the brink of shattering. The sword aura hadn’t penetrated the barrier yet, but the killing intent had already seeped through the cracks.  He understood how weak his innate defense was. His body would be sliced into two if the sword aura managed to break through the barrier.

“Yang Shen, you are already on the brink of death. When will you admit defeat if not now?” A stern voice suddenly appeared from the skies. It was Emperor Peafowl!

The crowd instantly broke into rapturous applause when they heard the voice. Emperor Peafowl had spoken! He had publicly told his own true disciple to admit defeat! 

Jiang Chen smiled wryly when he heard Emperor Peafowl’s voice. The...

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