Chapter 962: A Jealous Genius

The anger hadn’t been because of Jiang Chen’s challenge in particular. The Ranking of Young Lords had clear-cut rules. As the 20th ranked, Jiang Chen could only issue a challenge to someone three ranks above him at most. Yang Sheng was at the tail end of that gap, so challenging him made complete sense. Yang Sheng’s fury was rooted somewhere else. Pill King Zhen had only come to the Capital less than two years ago. How could he be allowed to steal so much thunder? What did he do to deserve so much adoration? The news of Emperor Peafowl’s plans to make him the next young lord was just icing on the cake. Bestowing the title of young lord wasn’t a big deal in and of itself. Any true disciple studying under Emperor Peafowl was automatically eligible.

However, as one of the four most intimate disciples of His Majesty, Yang Sheng had pride and ambition. Ever since young lord Fan’s death, only three out of the four disciples remained, with little difference in ability between them. Given the circumstances, he saw an opportunity for advancement. Thus, he viewed Veluriyam Capital’s future leadership as his...

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