Chapter 959: The Grace of a Strike

It was beyond common sense for a sword technique to have the same effect as an emperor domain. Even eminent figures like the seven great emperors had never heard of such a thing. After all, an emperor domain was commonly formed by combining an emperor’s inner energy with his own will. A non-emperor realm cultivator could never generate such incredible energy. Even a half-step emperor could only barely create an emperor realm domain. Moreover, it would merely be an imitation and not a true domain. In fact, it was already an incredible achievement if they could create a defective domain. To imitate an emperor domain with a sword technique was unthinkable even if it wasn’t a true domain.

However, the crowd also knew that Pill King Zhen was only a sky sage cultivator. He wasn’t even a half-step emperor yet, let alone a true emperor! Yet he was already able to fight above his level with his ability to imitate an emperor domain! Or at the very least least,...

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