Chapter 958: Jiang Chen Challenged

After a half-month interlude, the ranking battles for the Ranking of Young Lords recommenced. This final set of ranking battles didn’t have any complicated rules. The thirty-six cultivators currently on the Ranking of Young Lords each had three opportunities to challenge someone else. The battles began from the 36th ranked contestant. The 36th ranked cultivator could challenge someone at most three ranks ahead of him, so he could only target geniuses from ranks 35 to 33 in his first match.

If he won the first bout, he would earn the right to challenge someone up to six ranks ahead. Similarly, if he succeeded in the second bout, he could then proceed to challenge twelve ranks above him. On the other hand, if he lost in the first match, his remaining opportunities would be taken away, and he would be forced to stay in the Ranking’s last place. No matter how much the rankings ahead of him changed, he would have no part in them. Moreover, the cultivators who were ranked ahead of the challengers could only be challenged once per day. If a challenge was successful, then the challenger and the challenged would have their rankings swapped. Someone who...

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