Chapter 957: A Revitalized Taiyuan Tower

For the Ranking of Young Lords, it was impossible to decide the specifics via round robin.

Geniuses who competed at this level were able to fight for over seventy-two hours without a decisive victor. If each contestant had to fight every other, the entire competition could take more than a year and a half to conclude. Moreover, the aftermath of the battles would undoubtedly be disastrous.

The numerical placements of the Ranking of Young Lords were preliminary, with the seven emperors’ factions ordaining the positions. Strictly speaking, it didn’t particularly mean anything, but it was still somewhat useful for reference.  Most possessed rankings that were close to their true placements, but this appraisal was untested by the rigor of combat. It was actual fighting that would decide the final ranking. Thus, the battles were an outlet for geniuses who were dissatisfied with their placements to confront those with higher standings, as well as an opportunity for those in the reverse circumstance to prove their caliber.

The staff of Taiyuan Tower congregated outside of Jiang Chen’s secret room. The...

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