Chapter 955: Devoured with a Single Mouthful

“Brother Long, do you know of a way to deal with this?” Jiang Chen communicated through his consciousness. 

“Deal with what? You have dragon blood coursing through your veins! Don’t you know that us true dragons possess the art of devouring?”

Art of devouring? Jiang Chen seemed to have instantly caught his drift. Unfortunately, he’d never cultivated the devouring ability before. This was a very different ability from a dragon roar. To imitate a dragon roar, all he needed to do was open his mouth and activate his true qi. It wasn’t a difficult ability to master since he possessed the true dragon bloodline. He wasn’t entirely sure that he could learn the devouring ability in such a short time.

“Brother Long! I haven’t learned that art yet!” Jiang Chen replied without beating around the bush. 

“You haven’t, but I have!” Long Xiaoxuan proudly stated. “You just make a pose and I’ll materialize myself to the upper corners of your mouth.”

Jiang Chen was amused by the...

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