Chapter 954: The Terrifying Power of an Innate Water Constitution

Though he didn't know why, Jiang Chen had been curious about Zhuang Jie during Ji San's review earlier. But after seeing the man in person and hearing him speak, he now had a much lower opinion of him. Jiang Chen actually understood his opponent's displeasure. After all, the other youth was a genius in the Ranking of Young Lords, and therefore deserved more support and encouragement from the spectators as a person of a much higher stature. Reasonably speaking, he wanted more of the cheering and applause that should be naturally accorded to him. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen had a monopoly over all of these things presently. His opponent had become a mere foil. It would be an awkward situation for any man to face. Being somewhat embarrassed or even angry was understandable. But, at the root of it, none of this was his problem. Even if Zhuang Jie was secretly dissatisfied, he still should’ve stuck to a certain bearing.

No matter how upset one was, the arena was always the outlet for it. If his opponent could beat him fair and square in the ring, Jiang Chen would only respond with utmost...

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