Chapter 952: Veluriyam Capital Needs a New Idol

The seven great emperors were also shocked by Ji San’s performance. There had been many successful challengers to the Ranking of Young Lords in previous Martial Pagoda battles, but their victories were mostly due to various accidents and mishaps. A disciple from a great clan who could suppress a true disciple of a great emperor in battle was extremely rare. The seven great emperors had previously felt that Ji San was slightly inferior to a true disciple of a great emperor, despite his fame. However, that slightly inferior Ji San was now suppressing Gu Zhenshan in battle!

This dealt a great blow to Gu Zhenshan’s conviction. He ended up losing to Ji San after a long and hard-fought battle. Ji San was the first successful challenger to enter the Ranking of Young Lords! He had replaced Gu Zhenshan as the twenty-first ranked genius in the Rankings. Gu Zhenshan would lose his position in the rankings from henceforth. Ji San’s victory in the rankings caused a great commotion...

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