Chapter 951: Jiang Chen's Martial Dao Knowledge

Jiang Chen had occasionally seen Ji San battle because he had known him for a long time, but this was actually the first time he’d ever seen his brother go all out. One could tell that Gu Zhenshan was no longer belittling his opponent. He’d chosen to draw out the fight against Ji San instead of throwing out a flurry of powerful attacks at the beginning like what he’d done in his battle against Alchemist Xi. He was showing his respect and veneration for the Coiling Dragon Clan successor.

Gu Zhenshan was a true disciple of a great emperor. By reputation alone, one would expect that he’d have a better upbringing and legacy than a young master of the Coiling Dragon Clan. However, he was only a mere third-ranked disciple under Emperor Mountaincrush while Ji San was a genius that was first in line to succeed the entire Coiling Dragon Clan. Gu Zhenshan was in no position to act all high and mighty towards him.

Jiang Chan grew more impressed as the battle went on. He’d always thought that Ji San was less of a tactician in battle than Liuxiang due to his easy-going nature....

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