Chapter 95: Rare Jade Fruit (Teaser)

Chapter 95: Rare Jade Fruit

Jiang Feng was thoroughly dumbfounded. He knew that his son must’ve had some miraculous encounters. Otherwise he never would’ve turned from someone who couldn’t even pass the foundational exams to becoming someone that was a thorn in the side for the Duke of Soaring Dragon.

“Chen’er, these… these Swordbirds, they are all very obedient to you?” Jiang Feng felt a bit out of breath.

“Father, this is my trump card. With just a single order from me, they will battle to the death at any time!”

Jiang Feng’s facial expression was unimaginably queer. He was both excited by his son’s miraculous changes, but at the same time also vaguely lamented the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind.

“Chen’er, these birds are bloodthirsty. If they move towards the capital and only attack the Duke of Soaring Dragon, that is justifiable because his crimes more than deserve death. But if they rage out of control, then the capital and people will be plunged into misery and suffering.”

At the end of the day, Jiang Feng was still a member of the Eastern Kingdom. He had always been benevolent, and although he had a deep and abiding feud with the Duke of Soaring Dragon, but his thoughts were still on the possibility of involving innocent citizens if this bird army went towards the capital.

“Father, I have complete...

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