Chapter 949: Unexpected Forfeiture

Mie Chenzi was a veteran of countless battles. In every one of his past conquests, he’d maimed, crushed, and mercilessly tricked his opponents without mercy. There had never been a battle as unpleasant as today’s. He’d been outmaneuvered at every turn, stifled at every move, and to top it off, he couldn’t even begin to think of any solutions to his predicament. He had seen the eight statues before. Their previous owner had been a wandering cultivator known as the Prince of Shangping. But in his memories, the eight statues lacked both the terrifying offensive strength and the astonishing mobility that they currently possessed. The statues now had a new spirit to them along with several degrees of increased intelligence. They had become similar to real cultivators, both in terms of raw power and battlefield awareness.

That wasn’t the most annoying aspect about them, however. The most irritating part was that the statues weren’t of flesh and blood; they were inorganic objects! None of his retaliation had any effect whatsoever. The most a strike that landed did was leave a faint scar. Mie Chenzi’s blade hacked at the statues...

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