Chapter 945: I Will Make Only One Move

The competitions this time around were of the round robin format. Each section’s ten geniuses were guaranteed to fight each other once, meaning each man had nine opponents. The organizers intentionally set it up in such a manner. 

Intense battle tested substance, ability, and improvisation. Unless a particular side exhibited an overwhelming advantage, continuous melee was a breeding ground for spontaneity. No matter how deep one’s reserves of strength were, extended combat would eventually exhaust one’s stamina. This kind of exhaustion was fair to everyone.

As the foremost genius of the Amethyst Fire Clan under Emperor Void, Gongsun Yan had the same bloodline and heritage as the other geniuses of his clan: the Amethyst Fire Bloodline. 

It was named as such because their innate constitutions were attuned to purple fire from birth. Gongsun Yan distinguished himself from his peers because his bloodline was a cut above the rest. The purple fire he carried within was equivalent to an innate fire constitution of medium order.

Mu Gaoqi had an innate wood constitution of high order, a bloodline that...

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