Chapter 942: End of the Sixth Elimination Round

There was no reason for them to go all out against an opponent that was much stronger than them in the last round. They wouldn’t win and they’d exhaust their energy. Worse, they’d be too worn out to compete, even if they were given a chance to make a comeback. The smartest thing to do was to give up if they were paired against an incredibly strong opponent to preserve strength and energy. It might not be the most honorable thing to do, but it was the most logical one. These were precisely Wei Jie’s thoughts right now. Of course, he was also hoping that he wouldn’t be paired against someone much stronger than him.

Unfortunately, life often didn’t happen as planned. The more one was afraid of something, the more likely it was going to happen. Wei Jie’s name was drawn from the lot, and his opponent’s name soon followed.

Wei Jie versus Pill King Zhen!

Wei Jie is actually paired against Pill King Zhen! The audience was rendered speechless by the dramatic drawing. This was an incredibly huge coincidence. There were at least four hundred contestants, yet Wei Jie had somehow managed to find himself paired against Jiang Chen. What sort of twisted...

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