Chapter 939: A Clean, Pre-Emptive Strike

Murong Qiu clearly hadn’t expected to encounter Jiang Chen in such a situation. With so many candidates available, it was surely misfortune that drew them together upon the same stage once more. Jiang Chen was none too pleased either, but there was evidently deeper hatred emanating from Murong Qiu. Murong Qiu had eyed Jiang Chen with hostility the moment he got on the stage. His gaze was filled with a murderous intent.

“Oh, who’s this? Young lord Murong, hmm?” Jiang Chen said mockingly. “You didn’t get cleared out alongside the rebellious Majestic Clan, eh? What a surprise, considering how inseparable you people were.”

Murong Qiu’s anger boiled over. “Don’t get so full of yourself, Zhen!” he retorted coolly. “You’re proficient with pills, I’ll give you that. But the world of martial dao is ultimately reserved for martial geniuses only. It’s definitely not your lucky day today! You’re in my hands now, and I’ll make sure you get your reckoning!”

He made no show of hiding the malice in his tone. He hated Jiang Chen’s guts. Now, on this stage, he finally had the chance to take his nemesis’ life,...

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