Chapter 937: Sword Dao Genius

It was likely that before Jiang Chen had fought Xiao Paohui, many arrogant disciples among the great clans were more than willing to be matched up against Pill King Zhen in the Genius Ranking battles. Since Pill King Zhen was exceptionally talented in pill dao, they’d assumed that his talents in martial dao would only be mediocre at best. His sage realm cultivation level also seemed unspectacular on the surface. However, they no longer thought the same after watching his battle with Xiao Paohui. On the contrary, those disciples were now praying that they wouldn’t have to cross paths with Pill King Zhen, as they all felt inferior to the large brute. Jiang Chen hadn’t been thinking all that much about such matters. The identities of his opponents didn’t matter to him.

“Wandering cultivator Ye Tianzuo against Pill King Zhen!” A wandering cultivator was selected as Jiang Chen’s opponent in the first round. This made the disciples of the great clans sigh with relief. At least they didn’t have to fight someone as insane as Pill King Zhen in the first round. 

Ye Tianzuo had a thin physique and spirited eyes that made him look quite intelligent. However, helplessness was written all over...

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