Chapter 936: The Genius Rankings Battles

“You sure are free, brother. You disappeared immediately after you finished the New Star Rankings battles. Have you forgotten your brother here?” said Ji San in a half joking, half begrudging way while throwing a fist at Jiang Chen’s shoulder.

Jiang Chen knew that Ji San wasn’t actually angry because he was smiling, despite his tone. He immediately returned the smile, “What if I tell you that I’m studying the Pinecrane Pill right now?”

Ji San froze before laughing foolishly, “Good, that’s very good. You truly are the model of youngsters and the aspiration of all in the world of pill dao! I am truly impressed by how hardworking you are, even though you’re so talented already. You chose the perfect time to cultivate behind closed doors! Absolutely perfect.”

Jiang Chen laughed, “I lied, I wasn’t researching the Pinecrane Pill. I spent the last month preparing for the Genius Rankings battles.”

Ji San’s smile immediately froze. A wry look appeared on his face. “Come on brother, don’t play with me like this. I know you must have figured out the ins and outs of the Pinecrane Pill already, right?”

Jiang Chen knew...

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