Chapter 935: Heritage of Dragon Blood

Liu Wencai was by nature a cautious man. In this regard, he was different from the somewhat careless Tang Hong. He had a few reservations about Jiang Chen’s summons. Was he not good enough? Had he let senior brother Jiang Chen down? Jiang Chen’s care of him at Eternal Spirit Mountain resulted in Liu Wencai viewing the former as a dear brother, worthy of lifelong respect and admiration. Even Forefather Ninelion, the sect head of Myriad Spirit Sect, couldn’t compare at all.

The young man’s hesitance was plain enough. This was when Jiang Chen wondered if he was being too serious. It wasn’t intentional, of course. His stoic demeanor had been entirely in order to alleviate the doubts of others.

“Senior brother… have… have I done something poorly?” Liu Wencai rubbed his palms continuously against his clothes.

“Done… something… poorly?” Jiang Chen smiled wryly.

Liu Wencai was red in the face. “We’re eating and sleeping here for free, and we haven’t been able to contribute much… we’re… we’re like freeloaders, right?”

Jiang Chen laughed upon hearing that. He...

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