Chapter 932: An Earth-Shattering Strike

Even though the Eternal Celestial Capital been itching for a fight before this, the series of unforeseen events that had just unfolded in the arena had made them incredibly nervous. At this very moment, Saint Holy King Mu, Saint Holy King Ke, and Holy King Bei were right outside the arena, having blended in with the crowd to observe the battle. They were trying to observe Pill King Zhen to see whether or not he was indeed Jiang Chen.

The current Pill King Zhen had displayed a completely different fighting style from what they’d heard about Jiang Chen in the rumors. Jiang Chen hadn’t revealed his trump cards often in the past. Every time he was forced to reveal them, he would eliminate the enemy without leaving behind any trace of evidence. The only thing everyone knew that he possessed was the Bewitching Lotus of Ice and Fire, because it was simply too heaven defying and unique. Many had seen it with their own eyes, which was why every major sect had deeply associated the Bewitching Lotus of Ice and Fire with Jiang Chen. Other than that, they were finding it incredibly difficult to associate Jiang Chen with any other unique ability.

“Brother Mu. It seems that Pill King Zhen is...

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