Chapter 930: Image Versus Image

Jiang Chen wasn’t sure what his opponent was thinking, but he was sure that the other was going to use a trump card, considering that he had just suffered a couple of losses in a row. This brute must have beef with me considering how hostile he is. But no matter what background he has or what power he hails from, he is my opponent and enemy as long as he is standing in this arena. If he wants me dead, then I won’t let him live either!

The brute waved his arms and instantly ripped through the clothes on his upper body. The muscles on his torso looked incredibly powerful and impactful, almost as if they had been smelt by copper and forged by iron.

Jiang Chen snorted derisively at the display. This was a fight between experts and not a brawl in a tavern. Taking off one’s clothes and showing off one’s muscles in a battle like this was pointless. However, he didn’t dare let down his guard. He was sure that his opponent hadn’t made such a bizarre action just to flex his muscles flauntingly.

As expected, the brute made multiple hand seals and conjured many strange runes from his palm. He then slapped them into his muscles...

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