Chapter 928: A Miraculously Powerful Opponent

Chapter 928: A Miraculously Powerful Opponent

The challenger was an enormous brute, as buff as a ferocious lion. His golden mane gave off an aura of power and glory. He had popped out of nowhere, overwhelming the people around him.

“Just where did this brute come from?”

“He’s laid low all this time. Why does he suddenly want to flaunt himself?” The candidates of the first group began to heatedly discuss the situation when they saw the newcomer leap onto the arena. Clearly, everyone could tell from the imposing manner of this challenger that he was not the typical contender. Even Jiang Chen was caught slightly off guard when the brute hurtled into the arena from below. His incredible intuition as a cultivator prickled as a hidden wave of menace swept over him.

Ever since Jiang Chen had embarked on his martial journey, his instincts had always been very powerful. This brute might look impulsive, but if he could cause Jiang Chen to feel threatened, he was definitely going to be an extraordinary opponent.

“Who’d have thought that there were indeed people who’d concealed their true power?” Jiang Chen swept his gaze over the challenger’s figure. He was very sure of the fact that the new challenger must...

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