Chapter 927: Three Images

As Jiang Chen stood on the arena after his ninth consecutive victory, he suddenly felt a piercing gaze shoot right through him. However, the person had already retracted his gaze before he could even react to it. He wanted to find the culprit, but there wasn’t any leads. It seems like I’ve summoned the true geniuses into motion after my ninth consecutive victory. Maybe this will make my following battles slightly more interesting?

Achieving nine consecutive victories in three days hadn’t been much of a challenge for Jiang Chen. After all, the top one thousand geniuses had all been separately placed in different arenas. Thus, it only made sense that he would meet slightly less capable geniuses as opponents. Even the strongest genius that he’d previously fought was only at sixth level sage realm. 

Sixth level sage realm cultivators were already no match for Jiang Chen when he had been at initial sage realm. What hope could they have of defeating him now that he was at seventh level sage realm? There wasn’t even a need for him to use powerful martial methods when he was matched with lower level opponents. He could squash them on a whim.


At a dark corner of Veluriyam Capital, inside the Eternal Celestial Capital’s other secret base. Three holy kings—Holy King Bei, Saint Holy King...

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