Chapter 926: Nine Consecutive Victories

There would always be opportunistic people and those who wished to become famous overnight amongst cultivators. As the arena lord of the first arena, Jiang Chen was of course the best shortcut for these people to become instantly famous. Therefore, he didn’t lack challengers after the short fatty was forcefully swept off the arena. However, everyone quickly realized that their opportunistic thoughts were a massive joke. Two challengers in a row had gone up to the arena after the fatty, but none of them managed to hold out for more than ten bouts.

This truth finally wiped the challengers’ eyes clean—Pill King Zhen didn’t just possess outstanding pill dao. His martial dao was just as monstrous. He hadn’t held out for six hours inside the formation because Emperor Peafowl was helping him cheat. He truly was that capable.

After accepting three challenges in a row, Jiang Chen didn’t grow impatient and try to rush things. Instead, he chose to rest for a moment. According to the rules, it was completely within his power to accept more challenges and even finish ten consecutive victories in a row, allowing him to ascend to the next round. But considering...

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