Chapter 925: The First Victory

Absolute in both pill and martial dao. These words were continuously surfacing in the minds of everyone present. The person who had set the record earlier, Sunyu Xiaosheng, also fixed his narrow eyes on the formation below Veluriyam Pagoda. The apathetic expression on his face had shifted to one of bewilderment. The record he had just set had been broken as simply as that. Obviously, he was curious about the person who had surpassed him.

“Sigh, if I’d known, I would have persevered a little more.” He felt a little regretful. He still had a bit of energy remaining when he’d left the formation. He hadn’t wanted to push himself too much, afraid that he would affect his performance in the remaining competition, so he hadn’t tried his best. He felt that he definitely could have persisted for a longer time if he hadn’t held back. Since his record was broken, the on-site discussion only grew more intense.

Now, the only question was, could Pill King Zhen break the record that no one had surpassed for a few thousand years? Could he persist within the formation for six hours? As Jiang Chen sat within the formation, it never occurred to him that he had become a topic of heated debate in the outside world.

Unknowingly, the sixth hour approached.

“Hm? It seems that I’ve...

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