Chapter 923: The Much Acclaimed Pill King Zhen

Even as Jiang Chen flexed his muscles in preparation for battle, an irregularity arose in the seventh wave. A genius named Sunyu Xiaosheng stayed a full five hours inside the formation. It broke Chu Jianhuan’s previous record in one fell swoop! The result sent ripples of shock all through the Pagoda’s surroundings.

Sunyu Xiaosheng replaced Chu Jianhuan as the hottest piece of news. He’d stayed in the formation for three more quarter-hours than Chu Jianhuan had. Anyone who’d been in a formation before knew that it was increasingly more difficult to resist the longer one stayed. These three quarter-hours showed a clear edge in both strength and formation-resisting ability.

Ji San sighed softly, “Where did this guy come from now, huh? Could he be a genius from a nearby faction? I don’t think even I could stay for twenty quarter-hours if I were to go in.”

It was rare for Ji San to praise a stranger so. His words oozed respect for this Sunyu Xiaosheng. However, he remembered in the next moment that his own brother was about to experience the same trial....

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