Chapter 920: The Fight of Three Rankings

However, Jiang Chen still knew nothing about the rules. He didn’t know exactly how many outstanding geniuses there were in Veluriyam Capital either. Emperor Peafowl seemed capable of seeing through Jiang Chen’s thoughts when he saw the youth’s inquisitive gaze. He smiled, “You haven’t been in Veluriyam Capital for long, so you must be very unfamiliar with the Martial Pagoda battles. Do you know how many people are registering for them?”

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to answer the question. Instead, he asked, “Is there an age limit?”

Emperor Peafowl nodded, “All participants must be below sixty years old. This is because the Veluriyam Pagoda gathering is held every sixty years. Therefore, everyone only gets one chance in a lifetime to participate in the gathering.”

“Is there a cultivation requirement?”

Emperor Peafowl nodded, “All participants must be at sage realm or above. Of course, those who aren’t even sage realm experts will only be treated as cannon fodder.”

Considering these two requirements, the number of registrants shouldn’t be too ridiculous. He immediately offered a tentative answer, “One hundred thousand?”

He knew that the number of participants in the Martial Pagoda battles must be ten times bigger than the number of participants in the Pill Pagoda battles. After all,...

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