Chapter 919: Successful Completion

Though Jiang Chen hadn’t researched formations as deeply as he had pills in his previous life, he still had a fair amount of experience with them. Plus, the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was a supreme formations sect from the Divine Abyss Continent’s distant past. A classic text of the sect that had been left behind was The Heart of Formations, which contained many facets of knowledge relating to formations. Jiang Chen’s sharp intuition meant that he would have a very high success rate if he were to carve a formation disk using the classic as a guide. More importantly, a great deal of technical material regarding disk-carving was included in The Heart of Formations—skill, technique, material, and theory. He couldn’t proceed forward with even one of these components missing.

Yes, he was a bit lacking in terms of manual dexterity and practice, but he had several advantages as well—experiences from his previous life, a wealth of knowledge, and a strong fortitude. His past memories were a solid foundation that allowed him a heightened degree of confidence and composure in all that he did. It was no different in this case. He had every faith that the formation disk would turn out...

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