Chapter 918: Plans to Carve a Formation Disk

Less than two weeks remained before the Martial Pagoda battles. Jiang Chen planned on preparing amply in the time that he had left. The battle was a chance to test his mettle. He didn’t want to use too many of his treasures unless they were absolutely required, especially ones that were overwhelmingly strong. Many things could only be honed in the heat of battle—things such as understanding the boundaries of martial prowess and sharpening the ability to process information. Jiang Chen knew this well.

“The fact that I’ve reached seventh level sage realm is definitely related to the countless battles I’ve fought in, both big and small. Many geniuses are planning to attend the Martial Pagoda battles. It would be foolish for me not to take this opportunity to test my martial ability.” Jiang Chen had used various items to assist him in many of his battles, especially those fought against higher-level opponents.

If neither side used treasures, Jiang Chen had the natural confidence that he could crush anyone on his same level in a purely martial competition. Even opponents who were one or two levels higher weren’t a problem for him. However, each of his battles had been a matter of life and death....

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