Chapter 917: Foremost in Pill Dao in Veluriyam Capital

Jiang Chen wasn’t trying to show off. Truth was, with the heavenly knowledge of pill dao he possessed from his previous lifetime, he would be ashamed of himself if his lectures were too elementary. Moreover, it was quite obvious that many people in Veluriyam Capital were attaching great importance to his lectures. Emperor Peafowl in particular had high hopes for him. Jiang Chen was also deliberately using this chance to broaden the horizons of pill dao in Veluriyam Capital, bringing everyone up a level.

Even though Veluriyam Capital’s level pill dao wasn’t particularly weak, its scope of knowledge was simply too narrow. Without more knowledge, Veluriyam Capital’s plans of competing with Pillfire City would forever be a pipe dream. Thus, Jian Chen’s goal for this lecture was to broaden everyone’s horizons, elevating the stagnant status quo to the next level and injecting a renewed vigor.

It wasn’t difficult for him to achieve this because of all the knowledge he possessed. Just a tenth of his knowledge was enough to turn Veluriyam Capital into an eternal legend. Naturally, a simple lecture wouldn't impose much of a challenge for Jiang Chen. But for the pill dao experts in Veluriyam Capital, this was earth-shattering knowledge!...

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