Chapter 916: Three Disciples

With Pill King Lu Feng and Pill King Bu there to assist him, Jiang Chen’s burden became much lighter. He imparted some of the contents of his lesson to them so that they could take over some of the lectures. They were both first-rate pill kings in Veluriyam Capital. As such, it was only natural for them to have a high comprehension level. They were able to completely understand the lecture material with just a few pointers from him. However, Jiang Chen didn’t dare give them too many lessons to teach. People wanted to listen to him, after all, and not somebody else. After he was done distributing lectures to Pill King Lu Feng and Pill King Bu, somebody outside suddenly announced that the champion from the Pill Pagoda battles was asking for an audience.

Lin Yanyu? Jiang Chen slapped his forehead. He’d forgotten all about the matter. If there was anyone in the entire Veluriyam Capital who could subdue this supercilious young man called Lin Yanyu, it would be no other than Jiang Chen. This was because he had two identities, and Lin Yanyu was deferential towards both. One of his identities was Lin Yanyu’s savior. If Jiang Chen hadn’t rescued him at the entrance to the desolate wildlands, the Six Wolves of Sparrow Mountain would have caused Lin Yanyu to suffer a great loss. The second identity was that of Pill King...

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