Chapter 915: Complete Submission

Pill King Bu had a complicated look in his eyes. The anger and grievance that he’d initially felt were slowly turning into helpless submission. This was because he knew that the gap between his skill and that of the young pill king was too great. The young man’s horizon was so distant and his strength so great that he could crush even Pill King Bu’s late master with less than a finger. Before a titan, Pill King Bu realized that he couldn’t salvage even a scrap of pride. Sullenly, he walked up to the trash can and picked up the defective pill with red eyes. Then, he wiped it gently, as if he was wiping his most precious treasure. It was only when the pill was completely clean that he finally put it away carefully. His late master had left this pill behind as he drew his last breath. Even if it was worthless, he didn’t wish to see it thrown into the dustbin.

Jiang Chen was a bit startled and moved when he saw Pill King Bu’s actions. Now he was the one who felt a bit sorry. He could see that this pill was extremely important to Pill King Bu. Although the pill was trash and defective, to Pill King Bu it might be a keepsake that was worth risking his life to protect. The sacred emotion made Jiang Chen realize that he might have gone a little overboard just now. He knocked the table lightly and stared at Pill King Bu. “Ole Bu, this pill may be a keepsake that...

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