Chapter 914: Subduing Pill King Bu

When he returned to Taiyuan Tower, Jiang Chen was greeted by an entirely different situation. The Wei father and son duo were now sidelined in the Tower’s operations. They knew as much and had no intention of contesting it. Their attitude was one completely fit for their station. Presently, House Wei relied on Jiang Chen instead of the reverse. Everyone in Veluriyam Capital knew that. If Pill King Zhen had not appeared out of the blue, the Wei father and son duo would be long dead. 

Acting as a judge in the Pill Pagoda battles was already an exceptional honor. All of the other judges were direct subordinates to the titled great emperors. Jiang Chen was the only exception. Pill King Zhen was from Taiyuan Tower alone, which had undeniable ties to House Wei. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had truly made a name for himself throughout the course of the battles. He became even more reputable than all seven other judges combined. The title of ‘best pill master in Veluriyam’ now belonged to him.

The Jiang Chen of today was the greatest in Veluriyam in regards...

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