Chapter 912: Nominated as Young Lord?

When Jiang Chen finished calculating the results, the overall score of the refining segment had been decided upon as well. Subsequently, the combined score of all three segments of the pill battle was swiftly calculated. Wandering cultivator Lin Yanyu had taken the number one spot and defeated every noble youth in Veluriyam Capital. When the ranking list was displayed, an uproar overtook the scene. No one expected that a mere wandering cultivator would beat out every noble youth and pill genius in Veluriyam Capital. For a time, everyone discussed the results heatedly. However, the scores had been calculated carefully by the eight judges. Naturally, there wouldn’t be a mistake in the results.

Pill King Yi began announcing the results, “The ranking list is out, and the top thirty participants who passed the tests are the final winners of the Pill Pagoda battles. In accordance to your rankings, each one of you will get a chance to cultivate inside the pill pagoda. Besides that, the top hundred wandering cultivators will also have the chance to join a faction of your own choosing, and change your fate!”

When he said this, all one hundred wandering cultivators broke into a cheer. Lin Yanyu was the only one who remained relatively calm, but the rest of the wandering cultivators...

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