Chapter 911: The Hundredfold Marrow-Cleanse Pill

The seven judges before him had given fairly ordinary pill recipes. Though the recipes weren’t entirely unremarkable, there were no surprises. The participating pill geniuses originally had illusions of receiving some new pill recipes, but although the recipes were new, their quality made them completely useless. Only Pill King Zhen’s recipe remained. There was still some anticipation, but it had been greatly reduced since the beginning of the round. There were even feelings of lethargy among some present.

Jiang Chen could feel the dreariness in the air. If he had been a participant, he would have also been dejected with how tight-fisted the top-ranked pill kings were being.

“I’m sure that everyone here is very tired after a month of exertion. But, you must pay special attention to this next segment. The pill recipe that I am about to teach is not for the distracted or the dull. Frankly, one day isn’t enough, especially without your full attention. This is a top-rank pill that even emperor realm cultivators can use!” Jiang Chen’s speech was like a fresh infusion of blood into the...

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