Chapter 910: Pill Recipe Selection

A mysterious, calm smile persisted on Emperor Peafowl’s face, leaving the other emperors to speculate the hidden meaning behind it.

“Brother Peafowl,” Emperor Shura suddenly declared. “First, know that I don’t mean to inquire deeply into the matter of Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s inheritance. I understand that Pill King Zhen has talent with pills, but he has few martial achievements to speak of. I doubt everyone will be internally satisfied with him as the heir, hmm? Unless he proves an exceptional martial ability as well, of course.”

“He will prove himself. Hasn’t an opportunity already presented itself?” Emperor Peafowl smiled with great wisdom. It was difficult to know what he was truly thinking.

“Opportunity? Do you mean the gathering’s Martial Pagoda battles?” The other emperors glanced sidelong at Emperor Peafowl as well. Any news relating to a new heir for Sacred Peafowl Mountain was of personal interest for everyone present. Sacred Peafowl Mountain was the keystone that had propped up Veluriyam for thousands of years. Any changes to it would affect the city’s fate directly, so a certain degree of concern was necessary....

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