Chapter 909: Utter Defeat

As looks of curiosity focused on him, Pill King Yi could only smile. “We have a little… disagreement… internally with the judges. So, we’d like you all to rank the exam questions. Your exam consisted of eight questions. We’d like you to pick the one question you thought had the greatest beneficial effect for you. Please write it down, and we’ll tally up the results.”

There was some commotion from the test-takers. Finding the situation quite amusing, many of them broke out in laughter. The request left them in high spirits. There was a lot of pressure on them because of the judging process. Now, they were given the chance to decide something about the judges. No one would simply let such an enjoyable opportunity slip by! Everyone hastened to write down their answer. In truth, many contestants already had an internal answer to the question, even though they hadn’t expected this additional bonus round.

Most wrote without much thought. The entire crowd finished their judgments in only a brief amount of time. Pill King Yi noticed this as well, and...

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