Chapter 907: Malicious Provocation

Due to strong demand, Jiang Chen had no choice but to join the judges. Now, there were eight judges instead of just seven. Thankfully, the slight increase in the number of judges wouldn’t affect the contest. In fact, Jiang Chen’s participation was exactly what everyone had been hoping for. It gave these pill dao geniuses the opportunity to display their talent before Pill King Zhen.

The moment Jiang Chen got close, he immediately sensed two or three concealed, unfriendly gazes snaking across his body. However, he paid them no heed and sat amongst the judges with a leisurely smile on his face. Beside him, Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s first-rate Pill King Yi gave Jiang Chen a friendly smile and messaged, “Pill King Zhen, you should’ve been the judge of this festival instead of me, but because you didn’t return sooner, I had no choice but to take your place and pad the numbers. However, although I’m aware of your skill, the rest of the judges here may challenge your authority. You must be careful, Pill King Zhen.”

Jiang Chen was slightly startled by this initial reminder, but he quickly came to an understanding. The human heart was dangerous, and jealousy was one of its original sins.

Although he hadn’t wanted to put himself in the limelight, there were certain things in the world that one couldn’t...

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