Chapter 906: Popularity Through the Roof

It’s Daoist Huang! Are Pill King Zhen and Daoist Huang the same person? A lightning bolt snaked across Lin Yanyu’s mind, connecting a series of unrelated thoughts. All the clues fit together now.

“Yes, yes, of course Daoist Huang is Pill King Zhen. That’s why he told me to come to Veluriyam Capital. He finds my talent remarkable. He wants to help me!” Lin Yanyu was overjoyed. “When he heard about my troubles with Pillfire City, and how my father was Pill King Ji Lang’s mortal enemy, he must’ve taken pity on me. I would only have a chance to take revenge on Pillfire if I came to Veluriyam—that must’ve been his logic!”

He was a bright young man, and instantly knew what Pill King Zhen expected of him. “Still, what an unexpected revelation. Daoist Huang—no, Pill King Zhen—must have acted as an overbearing asshole to deceive the others!” A storm of sensations passed through Lin Yanyu’s heart.

Seeing Jiang Chen’s arrival, Emperor Peafowl sidled towards him with a faint smile. “My young friend, how have you been recently?”

Jiang Chen bowed. “I’m pleased...

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