Chapter 905: The Return of Pill King Zhen

Cloudsoar Monarch had quite a few doubts. There was something he could rely on, however, and that was that Emperor Peafowl’s judgments about people had never been wrong. He had no doubt about the continued truth of this fact. Pill King Zhen? Still, the choice left the monarch feeling a little helpless. He admired the young pill king, sure, but he had never imagined that His Majesty would secretly decide on the youth as his heir!

“Your Majesty, isn’t Pill King Zhen only a sage realm cultivator right now? Given his level of cultivation, it’ll take at least a hundred more years for him to reach emperor realm. To become someone at Your Majesty’s strength… that would take several hundred more. If you feel the call of the heavens, how many more years can you keep him safe?”

Emperor Peafowl smiled faintly. “A decade or a century, perhaps? I cannot be sure myself regarding such matters. However, I’ll wager that when Pill King Zhen reappears, he’ll be at sky rank sage realm for sure. For him, emperor realm can be attained within the next twenty years. And perhaps, he’ll become as strong as me in just a hundred.”


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