Chapter 902: The Generation Binding Curse, Resolved

The Ninesuns Sky Sect was both shocked and furious, but it wasn’t like these series of events were all considered bad news to them. The sect had been trying to find a good excuse to invade the Myriad Domain for quite some time. Today, they finally had that justifiable excuse. The destruction of the Purple Light Division was a tiny blemish in the overall scheme of things—it didn’t affect the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s core strength at all.

Despite their initial anger, the senior executives of the Ninesuns Sky Sect were secretly bursting with joy when they sent out large groups of inspectors into the Myriad Domain. The current Myriad Domain was a mess that was being controlled by the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Great Scarlet Mid Region. This outcome displeased the Sky Sect greatly. After all, they had made their own plans for the Myriad Domain a long time ago. Unfortunately for them, their schemes weren’t as great as the Eternal Celestial Capital’s. In the end, a large majority of the Myriad Domain had fallen into the Eternal Celestial Capital and Great Scarlet Mid Region’s grasp. To say that the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s share was small was an understatement. So how could the sect possibly be satisfied by this outcome?


Setting aside the Myriad Domain...

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