Chapter 900: The Delight of Old Acquaintances COWABUNGA 900 CHAPTERS

Tian Shao couldn’t contain his excitement when he left. Though he was silent the entire way back, the recent revelations sent powerful waves surging through his heart. After they returned to the capital, he dismissed the rest of the guardsmen. “Come with me for a moment,” he spoke to Tang Long.

The latter had been promoted by Tian Shao and naturally obeyed his every command. The two of them walked towards a secret room in the Dragonteeth Guard headquarters. Tian Shao’s serious expression made Tang Long a little uneasy. He knew as well as anyone that they couldn’t survive in Skylaurel Kingdom anymore after killing those people from Hidden Death. Seclusion via retirement was their only choice. Closing the door of the secret room, Tian Shao looked about him before erecting a soundproof barrier. “Little Tang, do you remember how you got to your current position?” He messaged, as a final security precaution.

Tang Long paused a little before nodding. “It’s because I met young master Chen, my great benefactor, while I was out on border patrol. After that, you promoted me every step of the way...

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