Chapter 899: Death by One Palm Strike

Jiang Chen and Huang’er were emotionless as they descended into a lower altitude where the battle was happening. Because he was disguised, Tian Shao and Tang Long wouldn’t know who he was. In fact, not even Gong Wuji would, even if the man were to come back to life.

The men in black were slightly intimidated by the fact that Jiang Chen and Huang’er hadn’t flown on mounts, instead descending middair with their own strength. Tian Shao and his subordinates saw it as well. Flying! They looked at each other with shocked eyes, their faces pale. These newcomers had flown in without spirit beasts. They had to be at least in sage realm! Although the occasional sage realm cultivator did show up in Skylaurel Kingdom from time to time, seeing such a cultivator in person was off limits for them. Even if they were accidentally able to catch a glimpse, they wouldn’t know about it. Both parties were surprised at such a rare sight.

“Wh-… who’re you?” The leader of the men in black stammered. “We… we are of the Hidden Death…”

“Hidden Death. Is that one of those clandestine killer organizations?” Jiang Chen said impassively....

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