Chapter 897: Majestic Mountain-Sealing Formation

Lin Yanyu wasn’t as blind as many of the other wandering cultivators. With the weight of a family vendetta on his back, he didn’t overestimate his own strength. He was eager to do well here, but he was careful as well. After a few days, he was rewarded with modest results. He arrived seven days later, as previously agreed upon. He was very surprised when he saw Jiang Chen already waiting for him. He had been worried about the possibility that Jiang Chen might not show up after a week’s time. “Daoist Huang, did you wait long?”

Jiang Chen had indeed waited an entire day, but decided not to comment on it. He glanced at Lin Yanyu. The latter was well-worn from traveling, but free of demonic taint.

“You must not have picked the sky rank spirit herbs on the way in, Daoist Lin?” Jiang Chen asked rhetorically with a half-smile.

Lin Yanyu returned a wry smile. “Maybe someone else would have, if they hadn’t been paying any attention, but the Lin family specializes in pills and medicines. I’m not likely to miss any detail relating to spirit herbs. Those supposed sky rank ones… well, I knew better than to touch them. Frankly, I didn’t think that they were genuine.”

“Quite,” Jiang Chen nodded....

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