Chapter 896: Eliminating the Six Wolves of Sparrow Mountain

Jiang Chen wasn’t even trying to scare them. He truly hadn’t found anyone alive when he was making his way out of Myriad Corpse Valley. They’d either been turned into corpse puppets or bone apparitions. He sighed as he watched a continuous stream of people flooding in his direction. “If you would use your brains for even a second, you would realize why you were all gathered at this place. It’s because someone has purposely laid down a trap to lure all of you in. I’m sure you all think that there are countless precious treasures lying on the ground just waiting for you to pick them up inside, but the reality is a stark and brutal contrast.”

He didn’t expect them to change their minds. He had already fulfilled his original goals. There was no reason for Jiang Chen to stop them by force if these people insisted on committing suicide. Right now, he only hoped that these people would calm down a little.

“Bullshit! That kid must have gotten quite the haul inside the valley, but is afraid that we’d go in and grab the rest for ourselves. That’s why he’s spouting such idiotic nonsense.”

“Let’s kill him first and see if there’s anything good on him!” Because Jiang Chen wasn’t an emperor realm expert, these people thought that they...

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